Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who should you choose???

Lately I've been browsing a lot of other photographers work. Each photographer has a different style. This makes us unique as inviduals. With that being said you have a choice as to what your pictures will somewhat look like based on the photographer you choose. We as professionals have the ability to enhance your  photos... I have nothing against any other photographers but as a professional I notice things that others may not. Before you choose a photographer please check out there work. If you plan on visiting a studio like olan mills or portrait innovations, ask questions...Make sure your getting what you pay for. Ask if the provide enhancements for your pictures. I had an experience at such a place years ago the studio was hot!!! only a fan that was supposed to keep us cool during our shoot. I had paid $10 so I really couldnt expect much more...To make a long story short all of the pictures I ordered showed sweat on me and my daughters nose...The nerve...but the proofs I was given to choose from (in blk and white) didnt show the sweat...So in other words pay attention, ask questions, and dont just settle for a $10.00 package. When you pay for professional pictures you're paying for more than just the point and shoot.